Top British Bodybuilders Throughout History

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Excellent feats of strength, incomparable specimens of the human physique, and powerful poses are just a few aspects of the spectacle that is bodybuilding. The greatest body builders in history have possessed all of these traits and more. Bodybuilding is known as a progressive resistance exercise that is designed to control and develop a person’s musculature. Those who practice this are known as body builders. Though the greatest body builders have come from different places around the world; five of the most prominent body builders in history hail from Britain. Check out this list of the five best British body builders in history.


  • Dorian Yates: The English professional body builder was born in 1962 and rose to fame during the 1990s. He won the title of Mr. Olympia six consecutive times from 1992 onward and possesses the fourth highest number of Mr. Olympia awards ever. He is one of the top athletes to rise to prominence from England. Yates retired in the late 90s after a successful bodybuilding career.

Dorian Yates 1986 bodybuilding british

  • Ian Harrison: This wrestler and bodybuilder was born in 1969 and rose to popularity in the late 1990s. Harrison found most of his fame in wrestling, but as a bodybuilder he competed in many competitions and scored victories as Mr. Britain and Mr. Universe in the late 1980s. After these wins, he took to professional body building and was acclaimed for his unmatched strength and ability to complete ten or more reps with a set of 200 pound dumbbells.

Ian Harrison British Bodybuilder

  • Bill Richardson: Bill Richardson is a UK bodybuilding champion. He has entered a number of competitions throughout his entire career and won the majority of them. In 1980, he was named Mr. Universe. The bodybuilding competetions he has entered span from 1971 to 2007, and he’s still active. In addition to all of this, Richardson has been on the cover of many muscle magazines and even penned his own book.

Bill Richardson Bodybuilder British

  • Reg Park: Reg, Reg the Leg, Park was born in 1928 and passed away in 2007. He had a long and successful career has a bodybuilder that began in 1946. He won the title of Mr. Britain in 1949 and went on to win Mr. Universe three times throughout the 1950s and 60s. He even had a successful stint as an actor in which he made 5 films and played the role of Hercules.

Reg Park British Bodybuilding

  • Andrulla Blanchette: Blanchette was born in 1966 and began her career in the mid-1980s. She is a British female bodybuilder and a fitness mode. Throughout her career she has participated in a number of contests and competitions, and has won several of them. Her pro-debut was in the Women’s World Championship in 1988, with her best win being the lightweight Ms. Olympia title in 2000.

Andrulla Blanchette British Bodybuilder


All of these British Bodybuilding champions have risen to the highest levels of the sport and excelled there. It would appear British bodybuilding is in a phase of transition, having grown relatively stagnant over the last few years, but with such a rich and diverse history of success in the sport, one has to wonder who will be the next great British champion?