IA Daily: Toronto Pro Wrap-Up!

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Brandon Curry found himself sitting in the winner’s circle, yet again this past weekend as he managed to best an impressive lineup of competitors at the Toronto Pro Show. Despite being slightly ‘off’ from his 100% package, superior genetic-talent with good condition was overwhelming enough to carry him past a Johnny Jackson, who took 2nd, and slightly softer that Brazil version of Fred Smalls, coming in a close 3rd.

Brandon Curry_Toronto Pro_IFBB_2015_Front Double_Bicep_Trophy

Not to be overlooked, Ibrahim Fahim brought in a vastly improved package from what we saw a year ago, and was rewarded with a 4th place finish for his efforts. Rounding out the top five we saw national favorite, Iain Valliere show up looking completely insane. Perhaps the most conditioned athlete in the open-class, Valliere secured another impressive top-ten finish as a rookie of the professional ranks.

Iain Valliere_Toronto Pro_5th Place_IFBB_Rookie_2015

Iain Valliere, 5th

In the 212 division, the best version of Zane Watson that we’ve ever seen took home his first pro victory. Watson managed to outsize an insane looking version of Shaun Clarida, who continues to progress as the contest season advances. A bit of curious judging led to Oliver Adzievski edging out Mboya Edwards for the third place slot, while disappointingly smooth version of Raul Carrasco rounded out the top five.

212: Zane Watson & Shaun Clarida

212: Zane Watson & Shaun Clarida

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Toronto Pro_IFBB_Judging_Placings_Score