Ugh Thanks? Muscle March, A Bodybuilding Video Game…. Sort of…

admin June 22, 2014 Comments


Have you ever wanted to be a bodybuilding polar bear? Well, you have had your chance as of 5 years ago… Muscle March, produced by electronic gaming giant Nintendo hit shelves over half a decade ago, and that is largely where it stayed. The game provides you the opportunity to play an assortment of characters ranging from bodybuilding caricatures to animals, all of whom are chasing a common set of nemesi that stole your protein powder. The game utilizes the Wii’s motion technology, and offers a combination of Guitar Hero meets Dance Dance Revolution type gameplay, which on paper seems like a great idea, but the execution falls flat just like your avatar if you fail to hit the right pose in time. Yes, instead of being a lonely grown adult sitting by yourself playing a little fake plastic guitar simultaneously gaining no real life skills, you can be a lonely grown adult standing by yourself while improperly hitting bodybuilding poses and gaining no life skills.

But don’t say you weren’t warned, because if the flashing lights and rhythmic electronic beats weren’t enough to cause an epileptic seizure, you are going to have to move like you were having one anyway in order to beat the upper levels of this game… actually, just save your money and buy some real protein, unlike this guy – “Muscle March: Thanks For Stealing My Money