Under Construction ‘Documentary’ Review

admin July 30, 2014 Comments
By James Webb

I was cruising the Geard Up Facebook Page a couple weeks ago and noticed a post that alluded to a new bodybuilding movie that had just been released. In our niche sport anything can raise interest so I sought out the movie which ended up being ‘Under Construction: The Film’. I watched the trailer on youtube and it looked great; promising a tell all story of a man seeking the ultimate quest, to go from MONSTER to FREAK. I don’t consider myself cheap and always want to support people doing their own thing so I went and bought the ‘film’.

Well, to say I was disappointed after watching my $17 MP4 download video file is an understatement. Simply put: it’s a compete piece of shit.

"Set your standards low enough, you'll never be disappointed"

“Set your standards low enough, you’ll never be disappointed”

The guy is a joke of a bodybuilder who talks about how hardcore and dark his training is while doing dumbbell preacher curls and bodyweight squats. He spews broscience, while repeatedly injecting his oil filled ‘arms’ and ‘calves’. Nothing ever gets done or said, and he doesn’t grow though out the movie, because it was shot at the end of his ‘progress’. If you want to see a guy who would be a 245 pound bodybuilder, yet perma-bulks to over 350 while taking a moderate amount of test, some tren and orals without being able to walk up two flights of stairs for 17 bucks, then this movie is right up your alley. I wasn’t expecting to learn anything from the video, I’ve been involved in bodybuilding too long to think a film would offer that, but I was expecting some entertainment, and unfortunately these expectations were never fulfilled. Film an average training session, sit on your couch, eat some oats, pin yourself, and talk to a camera. Watch that video, possibly more exciting. Dave doesn’t seem like a bad guy, and if he was just a normal gym bro, I would probably like him, but a film about a nice guy doing very average shit is just, well, shit.