V Bodybuilding Show – IFBB Pro Alden Gamet

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V Bodybuilding Show brought to you by Prosupps on location at the Mecca MetroFlex Gym for conversation with IFBB Pro Alden “All Done” Gamet. Alden Gamet gets it done as an all natural bodybuilder, his idol growing up was Arnold, his posing is like Lee Labrada, his physique looks like a super hero and also the 2nd Filipino Pro bodybuilder in history. Earning his pro card at the prestigious NPC USA Championships where only 1st place winners get the IFBB endorsement, All Done paid his dues and after years of top finishes he knew 2012 was his year. What really impressed me besides his physique and contagious personality is his decision to make his pro debut not in the 212 division but in the open, competing against guys twice his size. Making his pro debut at the Europa, he wanted to have fun and do something no one does, very cool!! Alldone Fitness is Alden’s fan page on Facebook, get in contact if you’re looking for a contest prep coach, trainer or online training, Alden has found his niche with his 12 step program to achieving your goals. Come cheer Alden on this weekend at the Europa in Phoenix AZ, watch his beautifully choreographed classic bodybuilding routine, it’s one you will not want to miss.Alden Gamet gives us taste of his posing in this interview too, don’t miss IFBB Pro Alden All Done Gamet getting it done on V Bodybuilding Show. Special thanks to the Champ Alden Gamet, Shawn Britson, Josh Barnett, Metroflex gym and sponsors Prosupps, Myoatmeal, 6 pack bags, Swoll Swagg, Ride Now, Pita Jungle. Please like it, share it, tweet it you know it! Thanks for watching!! V


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