V Bodybuilding Show: Rich Gaspari

admin October 28, 2014 Comments

V Bodybuilding Show on location at the 2014 Phoenix Europa with IFBB legend Rich Gaspari. Stoked to have one of my idols on the show, i remember always wanting to have a chest like Rich and his vascularity was just as impressive. Rich Gaspari loves to win, when he was competing he was one of the fiercest competitors of his time, the only bodybuilder he didn’t beat was 8 time Mr. Olympia and good friend Lee Haney. Not only competitive on the stage but his intensity training was unmatched, no one worked harder than Rich Gaspari. Rich was always the chemist, taking many supplements that others couldn’t pronounce for years before supplements were used regularly. Entrepreneurial Rich sold supps to his clients, then realized maybe starting his own product line – Gaspari Nutrition, one of the biggest and best supplement companies in the world. Rich was also a Maverich, he changed bodybuilding with his striated glutes, no one had them or seen them before Rich. Today Rich jokes that he always thought of lunges as a girl exercise till he started doing them and got great results. Find out more about IFBB Icon Rich Gaspari on V Bodybuilding Show. Special thanks to Rich Gaspari, Shawn Britson, Metroflex gym, Prosupps, 6 pack bags, myoatmeal and swoll swagg. Please like it, share tweet it, you know it!! Thanks for watching!