The V Show: IFBB Physique Olympia, Mark ‘Flex’ Anthony

admin July 7, 2014 Comments

“V Bodybuilding Show brought to you by Prosupps on location at the 2014 NPC West Coast Classic, not to interview but to compete. At intermission I saw the Champ Mr Olympia Mark Anthony in the sponsor expo area and stopped to introduce myself, Mark was so down to earth and genuine as can be. Mr Olympia Mark Anthony carries himself professionally at all times, a gracious champion. My buddy Del suggested we do a quick interview, Mark was down so V Bodybuilding Show is proud to bring Mr Olympia Mark Anthony to the show, find all about how Mark got to where he is today, 6 pro wins, Mr. Olympia Title, whats next and find out what the champ likes to do when he’s not competing. Special thanks to Del Johnston, Mark Anthony, JM Manion and all my sponsors: Prosupps, 6 Pack bags, Ride Now, MetroFlex Gym, Pita Jungle, Swoll Swagg Watches, My Oatmeal for all all their support. Watch it share it, like it , tweet, facebook it, IG it, you got it! Thanks for watching!!”

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