The V Show: IFBB Pro Marcus ‘The Comet’ Haley

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V Bodybuilding Show brought to you by ProSupps, is proud to bring you this exclusive 2 part interview with “The Comet” IFBB Pro Marcus Haley. IFBB Pro Marcus Hale is quite a success story, a young man separated from his estranged mother, caring for his 4 brothers they were all separated in different foster homes, to a football star with a full ride scholarship, to a professional bodybuilder and now the training coach for his world class bodybuilding team “Haley’s Comets” . It was Shawn Ray that inspired Marcus to become a professional bodybuilder and eventually became his training partner. Marcus Haley has had more success than most professional bodybuilders from his pro debut Marcus always placed in the top 5 and competed with the best of the best at the Olympia and Arnold.

Marcus Hayley Arnold 2009

The Comet won the Best Poser Award at the 2007 Arnold Classic, it’s no wonder his clients posing is nothing short of stellar. Is The Comet gonna compete again?? Find out exclusively on V Bodybuilding Show. The first part of this interview is my testimonial of Marcus’s secret winning ingredient Up Hill Agility Training and then a group interview with Team Comet. I was impressed with the team atmosphere, they all encouraged each other and had fun (I however had Zero Fun, this training is intensely challenging). Special thanks to Marcus Haley and the Comets for inviting me into your agility training to do my testimonial, I’m lucky I’m still alive to talk about it!! Check out my sponsors guys, they are the best of the best: ProSupps, MyOatmeal, 6 Pack Bags, MetroFlex Gym, Pita jungle, Ride Now and Swoll Swagg watches. Watch all episodes at and please comment on it, like it, tweet it, share it you got it….! : Thanks for watching! I’m getting mic’s any day I promise!

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