The V Show: NPC AZ Open Champion, Nick Volpe

admin July 23, 2014 Comments

V Bodybuilding Show brought to you by ProSupps on location at the 2014 NPC AZ Open with the Men’s Bodybuilding Overall Champ Nic Volpe. NPC Champ Nic Volpe joined forces with IFBB Pro Scott Turner’s Team Phatboi and came to win not just the light-heavyweight class but the entire enchilada, the elusive Overall Title. The overall posedown was no joke, Nic battled it out against two other NPC Champions, Juan and Cory Upton who both came to play in this prestigious NPC Show were they were edged out by a hungry Nic Volpe, quenching his thirst for victory, this dude had the eye of the Tiger. Winning an overall title is an amazing feeling, find out how Nic is feelling, what’s next?!?! Check out this backstage interview with Nic just after winning the Overall Title. Special thanks to Miles Nuessle, Shawn Britson, IFBB Pro Scott Turner and NIc Volpe. Be sure to check out my sponsors who make this show happen: ProSupps, MyOatmeal, 6 Pack Bags, MetroFlex Gym, Pita Jungle, Ride Now, Swoll Swagge Watches. Thank for watching , like it, share it, tweet it, you know it!

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