IA Daily: Vitaly Fateev’s USA Debut @ Arnold ’15

admin February 19, 2015 Comments

If you haven’t heard the name Vitaly Fateev, you’re probably not alone. Two weeks from now the Russian bodybuilding sensation is looking to make the leap from relatively obscurity, to a household name, when he takes the stage for the first time on US soil at the Arnold Classic.

Vitaly Fateev Arnold 2015 bodybuilding

To say that Fateev merely won his pro card at last year’s Arnold Amateur in Europe would be a bit of an understatement because he didn’t just win – he dominated. Fateev became the first athlete in the show’s brief history to win the both the Super Heavyweight and Overall titles with a perfect score, and only a few months removed from his performance in Madrid, Fateev is on the cusp of finding himself standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the best athletes in the sport.

With big flaring quads, a wide back, and narrow waist – on paper Vitaly Fateev looks to have a shot at coming in and upsetting a few unsuspecting, better known athletes. But the fact remains that this year’s contest is loaded with elite talent, and Fateev has yet to ever step onto a pro stage, let alone feel the heat of the bright lights on one of bodybuilding’s biggest stages.

That being said, the idea of an unknown athlete coming in and making an immediate impact isn’t so far fetched – just ask the lineup of the 2013 New York Pro that ran head first into some guy named Ramy.

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