Welcome to the World’s Dumbest Village

admin December 3, 2014 Comments

Scrolling through Facebook, sometimes I see something interesting (but rarely). Lately, it’s been polluted by an incessant stream of middle-class white people shrieking about the Ferguson riots. These ‘animals’ as they put it (convenient little racist terminology) are looting the city… My god! White people riot too, over such important events as Pumpkin Festivals and Football Games, but of course they are just ‘rowdy, raucous… having a good time’. The ignorance is overwhelming, yet I bite my tongue and usually choose to say nothing. People in the age of ‘0 attention spans’, are unwilling to have an intelligent discussion and reduce anything to a shouting match with their equally moronic friends chiming in. Luckily, I can always entertain myself by scrolling through people posting their most intimate drama and life details, as I chuckle and listen to Waylon Jennings.

On the internet, we can find the World’s Dumbest Village (and it’s not located in West Virgina). This is the online bodybuilding and fitness community. Yes comrades, there are plenty of good people in our niche, but there are also plenty of ignorant, protein chugging troglodytes. I saw a post from someone (who I don’t even know) saying “I ate 12 cookies today, for my daughter’s birthday, I thought why not?” I chimed in “That’s good. You know that’s the key to growth, occasionally eating those extra calories in the off-season”. Big mistake there, I just violated a key-tenant of the clean-eating tribe of morons. Shortly thereafter, this douchebag’s friend chimed in “Oh yes, let’s all get fat and eat whatever in the off-season”. Both of these morons were nothing to write home-about in the physique department but apparently fond of jerking each other off.



I kept my composure and noted “Well… From my experience I made my best gains from eating a few dirty meals throughout the week instead of eating just chicken and brown rice as I did for years and years”. Once again, Batman and Robin chimed in… One noting ‘I’m a little sick of these Hardcore types and what they have to say’- apparently under-hand referring to me, but not enough cajones to step up like a man. Then his good pal said “Amen brother… The stage is the final judge” and then a hideous shrew on a non-stop anadrol run commented ‘Oh great, another pissing match’. I chose not to say anything after this, but I was pissed. Later from the very same person there was a post saying “Who wants to have a family-fit fun Thanksgiving?” Oh yes, how enjoyable to celebrate a holiday that comes once a year with as fit-family douchebags sit around and smell each other’s broccoli farts and eat turkey with Mrs. Dash seasoning.

Why should I be pissed? It’s Facebook, I don’t know these people and I’m sure they don’t know ‘who the fuck this is’. However, I was pissed because it’s indicative of a larger attitude I see sometimes in our community. Things are accepted as ‘sacred’ no matter how wrong they might be, and if you attempt to give insight, it’s not accepted and you face the scorn of stupid children. I’m done, period. I’m done commenting on these idiots or engaging with them. If the ‘stage is the final judge’, they are in for a rude awakening as I send the dummies back to their caves, where they can sit back and have and lick my smegma. It’s been a moment for me, and I’ve never shown what I’m capable of and my full potential, but those ‘in the know’, know very well what I’m capable of, as a mother-fucking bodybuilder (actually god-builder). Enjoy your tupper-ware thanksgiving and Rob Bailey MP3’s, you fucking idiots. A key note of advice—Don’t piss off a writer or musician, you’ll be forever immortalized in a hateful diatribe or song.


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