What is Bodybuilding?

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Bodybuilding isn’t a sport, it’s a way of life.

It’s a way of thinking, breathing, eating, and sleeping.

All in the pursuit of unattainable perfection.


Bodybuilding is like War.

Not a War against sets, reps, the weights, or the warriors that stand beside us in battle.

It is a War against self.

It is a War against complacency and mediocrity.

It’s a War against the man in the mirror staring back at you.

Whispering quietly in your ear that you’ll never be good enough.


Bodybuilding is all the same and all different at the exact same time.

It’s about the pretty lies we display onstage,

And the ugly truth we live away from it.

It is about progress and regression.


It’s about Deposition and Erosion.

It’s about power, and being powerless.

It’s a blessing and curse.

It gives and it takes.

It hates and it loves.

It’s a vehicle fueled by emptiness.


Bodybuilding is the physical manifestation of our hardships.

It’s all of our triumphs and all of our tragedies.

All rolled up into one shredded package of brutal honesty that we display to the world.


The purest form of bodybuilding is like water.

It trickles down to the lowest depths of our humanity,

And nourishes us without seeking to.

It’s a glimmer of light during times of darkness.

It’s like a glass of ice cold water on the hottest summer day.

It quenches our parched soul.

It’s the fire that burns inside us.

It keeps us alive through the coldest winter nights.



Bodybuilding is…



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