When DNP Saved The World

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The Man in The High Castle was a novel by Phillip K. Dick, that hypothesized a Nazi Germany and Imperial victory over the United States and the results were dire. Kiss your creature comforts, miscegenation, and hip-hop rappers with Kermit voices goodbye, because a new boss is in town… Sometimes, we take for granted that we are removed from World War II. We now live in the comforts of the Instagram era and 0 attention-span, buzzfeed drenched Cyber-Topia; yet, the Second World War was not long ago by any means of standard measurement.

One of the major turning points in the Great War occurred when ill-equipped German forces, still dressed in southern uniforms found themselves entrenched in the dreary Moscow winter. During the early part of 1941 it is estimated that over 100,000 cases of frostbite were reported, with the loss of upwards of 15,000 limbs. The Russians had retained a scorched-earth policy in previous wars, and the Germans refused to look at history during the Napoleonic Wars when another army (The French) neglected to wear proper attire and the Cossacks employed a scorched earth policy, halting their advance and stopping Napoleon’s conquest. Simply put, you don’t fuck with Russia. If the generations of ice-barren Siberian blood was not enough, one of the popular fat-loss drug of the time would prove to be advantageous to the Russians in defeating the Germans.

2,4 Dinitrophenol_DNP_Bodybuilding

In the 1960’s, a Russian Born doctor and entrepreneur, Nicholas Bachynsky learned that the notorious fat loss drug DNP (2,4 Dinitrophenol) was used in the winter campaigns, and administered to Soviet Soldiers in WWII to keep them warm for battle. Less concerned about military history, yet very concerned about making dinero, the Doctor set up a series of clinics administering the drugs for profit. The obscure reference to Soviet Era SPED ‘Soldier Performance Enhancement Drug’ would intrigue meatheads, historians, and combinations of the two for decades to come. Now upon reflection, some might hypothesize: Did DNP (2,4 DInitrophenol) change the course of world history?

While the Soviets were known to endure some of the harshest conditions on the planet, imagine the immense advantage of feeling like an easy-bake oven in the face of -30 weather and wind-chill. To simply not feel the pain alone of a frigid assault could give the morale boost to fight for the motherland another day. In one of the turning points of the war, The Battle of Stalingrad, the Germans were defeated, in their advancement further into Russia, starving and cold. Quite simply, the invention of DNP, a weight loss drug manufactured in the United States in the early 1930’s, and later banned could have changed the course of world history. The addition of DNP into a survival kit very well could have meant the balance of life and death be tipped to life in your favor. The little yellow powder might have saved all of our asses from living under a totalitarian fascism regime, and this is why DNP might have just changed the course of World History.

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