The WOAT Bodybuilding Awards! (Wackest Of All Time)

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We’ve all heard of the term G.O.A.T. or Greatest Of All Time, but today we focus on the W.O.A.T.  This award goes to the honorary Wackest Of All Time in the sport of bodybuilding. There were many contenders for this title, so we narrowed it down to a Top-3. In order to qualify for the list the athlete must have had a storied history of failures, both on and possibly off the stage. Not only does having a poor physique qualify you, but a poor personality is a contributing factor as well.


3rd – We start the list with Jocelyn Pelletier. Though arguably the worst physique currently in the IFBB, and definitely a contender for the WOAT award, there was a time and a place when Pelletier had a decent physique which lands him in the 3rd place slot. Born in 1948 it would seem age is the biggest enemy of Pelletier’s physique, more so than a lack of talent. From the outside it would seem he has many less character flaws than the other contestants on this list,  pushing  him out of title contention and into the 3rd place slot.


Jocelyn Pelletier, Iron Affinity

Pelletier has been competing in the IFBB organization since 1976 and was on stage as recently as 2009. Though he’s never done particularly well since turning professional, he has continued to compete in four different decades at the professional level. You have to commend his persistence… 


(Pelletier, 2003)

2nd –  Ken Jones takes the second place spot, for his combination of less than aesthetic physique, with an ‘off’ personality to match it. I don’t know if you would consider doing housework for old men in your posing trunks, or hitting on underage females with the opener “I’m an IFBB pro”  as inappropriate, but this is just a small sample size of the many stories about Ken Jones. Standing well under 5’6″ and less than 175lbs, Ken won his pro card at the same contest as Jay Cutler where they both lost To the light-heavyweight, Willie Stallings, and it is here where the similarities in their careers end. The guy can’t even win at losing, hence the 2nd place finish on this list.

1st – Coming in last, and in this case certainly least, our first place winner is the German bodybuilder (I use that term loosely,) Dan Hill. Dan is the perfect winner of this award, or loser depending on how you look at it, because he has the unique combination of being both a shitty person and having a shitty physique. Dan managed to turn pro at the same national contest Dennis Wolf was awarded pro status, but as with Jay and Kenny, this is where the similarities stop.

Dan Hill, Young

(Winning his Pro Card, the last time Dan Looked Decent)

Since earning IFBB Pro status, Dan has been a fundamental disappointment both on and off the stage. He has continually shown up at competitive professional events looking like a fat, white, blob who used mud as his tanner of choice. It is near impossible, with exception of his pro-qualifying event, to find a photo of Dan not looking like a permabulking fat ass. Not to forget that he hit his girlfriend in the middle of an international FIBO expo last year, what a douche bag… Though he’s officially taken a  break from competing, as recently as the Olympia the situation only looked increasingly dire, where Dan visibly lost a significant amount of whatever little mass he had remaining. Dan Hill = W.O.A.T.

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